AAP party come out to support for Kerala

AAP party come out to support for Kerala

Courtesy : Delhi bureau20/08/2018 07:57

Delhi/ All MP’s and MLA’s from Aam Admi Party will donate one month salary for the on going relief work in flood-affected kerala, party announced on Saturday. Thousand of people lost their houses and property to the widespread destriction caused by the flood and heavy rainfall. Apart from salary donation, aap government of delhi announced a relief of rs 10 crore for kerala.Delhi CM kejriwal also directed officials to operate a donation centre to collect things from the delhi peoples and aid will send to the flood-ravaged state. Delhi government also requested to delhi resident to donate generously. Government also sending large number of bottled water, biscuits and dry food.

Delhi CM Kejriwal said in his statement “ I spoke to kerala CM. we are contributing rs 10 crore to help kerala government to in his crises. W e are always there to help and will keep sending materials required.’’

After taling stock of the situation,PM Modi announced a grant of rs 500 crore. Various other state’s CM have announced monetary relief for the flood hit kerala from their respective CM relief fund. TamilNadu donated 10 crore, Andhra Pradesh 10 crore, Punducherry 1 crore, Jharkhand 1 crore, Maharashtra 20 crore,Gujrat 20 crore, Punjab 10 crore,Telangana 25 crore,Bihar 10 crore, MP 10 crore announced as part of donations

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