AAP sent 10 lakh letters signed by Delhi residents to PM Modi for full statehood for Delhi

AAP sent 10 lakh letters signed by Delhi residents to PM Modi for full statehood for Delhi

Courtesy : Agencies29/08/2018 09:56

Ahead of next year's Lok Sabha elections, the AAP and the BJP are set to clash on the streets again. On Monday, the Aam Adami Party sent 10 lakh letters signed by Delhi residents to Prime Minister Narendra Modi demanding full statehood for Delhi. Many AAP MLAs and MP aspirants joined the march to the PMO carrying stack of letters on their heads and were stopped by the police at Sansad Marg.

They accused Modi of halting the city government's work. "Youngsters with more than 95 per cent marks don't have jobs. If Delhi gets full statehood, we can open more colleges and can provide more jobs," said AAP MLA Gopal Rai.

AAP MLAs Alka Lamba, Bandana Kumari, Jarnail Singh and Nitin Tyagi were among those who took to the streets demanding full statehood after conducting monthlong campaign "Delhi maange apna haq", which was launched on July 1.

"If Delhi gets full statehood, halted projects like installation of CCTV cameras will be completed and we can provide security to women. Also, we can strengthen all people friendly schemes like ration delivery at the doorstep, Mohalla Clinics, and others. We don't think the PM will refuse these 10 lakh letters, if he does, we will think about the next course of action," said Rai.

Alka Lamba, party MLA from Chandni Chowk constituency, said, "Now the PM shall not disappoint the people of Delhi. He must consider the letters signed by them in demand of full statehood. I hope PM will not let the people of Delhi down this time."

While the AAP blamed the PM for halting development of Delhi by not giving it statehood, BJP, in a counter-offensive, sent all the three mayors, standing committee chairpersons, and its other leaders in the MCD to CM Arvind Kejriwal's house to demand pending funds for the municipal corporations. Although the corporations are not directly under the city government, the budgetary allocations come through the city government. The mayors reached the CM's residence hours before the march demanding full statehood for Delhi.

The mayors met CM Kejriwal and were asked to meet him in the presence of officials concerned at Delhi Secretariat."He (Kejriwal) is the CM of Delhi and he should understand the problems being faced by the corporations. We had a positive talk with the CM. The government has sought 7-10 days to discuss the issues then the municipal corporations will be called for a meeting," said Bipin Bihari Singh, mayor, EDMC.

The mayors claimed that each corporation - North, East, and South - have an average of over Rs 500 crore of funds pending with the city government which is delaying the salaries of employees.

"Without funds, no corporation can work. The CM must understand this and release the funds so that we can work without hurdles. Often you see municipal employees going on strike, this is happening because we are not getting funds," said Singh.

BJP Delhi chief and MP Manoj Tiwari said,"When all confusion on this matter has been cleared by the SC, what is the need for such unnecessary show of strength. They don't respect the apex court's order. It seems like their political agenda is over and now they are looking for something to harp on. If they are so desperate, they should fight, and win the elections and do whatever they want," said Tiwari.

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