BJP rules out any alliance with TRS in Telangana

BJP rules out any alliance with TRS in Telangana

Courtesy : Bureau16/09/2018 09:11

BJP President Amit Shah said, the saffron party is ready to take on both TRS and the Congress in the forthcoming elections and fight them with all their might.

HYDERABAD: If the Congress party is enemy number 1 for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) which rules Telangana is no less an enemy, said BJP President Amit Shah as he brushed aside speculations of a BJP-TRS bromance in Telangana while firing salvos at caretaker Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao for thrusting early elections on the people of the state even though KCR had previously supported the concept of one-nation one elections.

Nonetheless, he declared that the saffron party is ready to take on both TRS and the Congress in the forthcoming elections and fight them with all their might.

''Nine months before the elections were scheduled to take place, why has KCR thrusted elections and expenditure of crores of rupees on the people of Telangana despite supporting one nation-one poll earlier ?

It is only due to petty political gains that he has gone for early elections,'' said Amit Shah expressing surprise at the move of dissolving the state legislative assembly paving way for early elections. The Congress has often termed Chandrasekhar Rao as an agent of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Kickstarting the party's election campaign in Telangana, where the heat and dust of electioneering is on full public display, the BJP chief picked holes in the governance of the KCR-led TRS government even as he took potshots at the care taker chief minister on a host of issues ranging from his superstitious beliefs, family rule to the TRS's friendship with the Majlis Ittehadul Muslimeen (MIM).

With the pride of Telugus forming the basis of his attacks on KCR and MIM, Amit Shah said that both the friendly parties are resorting to vote bank politics.

''KCR sends a proposal to centre for 12 per cent reservation to minorities knowing fully well that the BJP-led NDA will never give its nod to reservations on religious lines. The people of Telangana know that if they vote for TRS, vote bank politics will flourish.''

Targeting the TRS on various fronts, Amit Shah said that despite the fact that the Centre had given grants to Telangana to the tune of 2.30 lakh crore in the last four and a half years, a number of projects and works that were listed in the TRS party manifesto, continue to remain unfulfilled.

''Be it construction of 100-bed hospitals in district headquarters and 30-bed hospitals in mandals or the assurance of providing employment or construction of double-bed roomhouses, nothing has been fulfilled. Even though we welcome the districts re-organisation, offices for collectors, SPs and other infrastructure has not yet been completed. The CM has much to answer.''

Shah said that while the Centre under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has moved ahead in all spheres, he took a dig at KCR saying despite all help in the form of grants and clearances for all

proposals, the caretaker Chief Minister did nothing just because the assistance came from the BJP led NDA.

To a query on TRS being hand-in-glove with the BJP and that Muslims are skeptical of voting for TRS, the BJP chief asserted that there was no question of any alliance with any party and said that the BJP is on its own.

''We continue to fight appeasement and vote bank politics,'' he said.

To another query that confusing signals were emerging from the BJP camp wherein the Prime Minister and union ministers have been praising the TRS all this while, especially for taking the path to development, which has had the state BJP cadre in a fix, Shah clarified that his party's stand was clear -- both Congress and TRS are political rivals and that the saffron party will fight them with all their might.

Blaming the TRS for failing in all fronts despite taking populist steps, the BJP chief said that sand mafia were committing atrocities on dalits in Sircilla while farmers, nearly 4200 of them have committed suicides in the four and a half year rule of TRS. ''Why has the TRS party banned Hyderabad liberation day celebration? Does it not hurt the pride of Telugus ? It was banned only due to the pressure of MIM and the OBCs. Do the people of Telangana want to hand over governance to the modern day Razakaars? he said in an apparent reference to MIM.

Targeting the proposed 'mahagathbandhan; or grand alliance between the Congress and other parties in Telangana, Amit Shah raked up insults meted out to late Prime Minister V Narasimha Rao and late AP Chief Minister T Anjaiah, even after his death  by the Congress party and also how late Chief Minister T Anjaiah was insulted by late Rajiv and reminded that the BJP knows how to honour its leaders while referring to the passing away of Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

He said that the BJP has made strong inroads into Telangana where party workers have reached the booth level, Amit Shah said they have not yet finalised the Chief Ministerial candidate. When asked that post 2019, whether BJP will align itself with any party in the state, Shah said that he would reply to the question at an appropriate time.


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