Babus told not to skip PM Modi's Independence Day address

Babus told not to skip PM Modi's Independence Day address

Courtesy : NJ08/08/2018 08:19

This August 15 top bureaucrats from all services posted in Delhi may be in full attendance at the Red Fort for the prime minister's address to the nation. Orders cautioning them "don't skip the invite" to attend the event have been dispatched.

The PM leads the nation's Independence Day celebrations from the ramparts of the Red Fort with an address to the nation.

It's the flagship event traditionally attended by all ministers in the government, top political leaders, chiefs of services, ambassadors and high commissioners. Top bureaucrats are invited and expected to be present. An office memorandum issued on August 3 quotes a departmental order issued on August 1, 2018 by the cabinet secretary regarding "importance of August 15 function addressed by the prime minister to the nation, expecting all the invited officers to attend the ceremony".

The order explicitly states: "To avoid low attendance in view of the importance attached to the function of great national importance, it has been advised by the cabinet secretariat that all invited officers should attend the function and to caution them that a serious view may be taken of their non-attendance."

The address by Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be his last before the end of his five-year term and he needs to win the 2019 Lok Sabha election to be back at the Red Fort on August 15, 2019.The speech, sources say, may include a recap of achievements and plans for future.

Independence Day can't be an off day for bureaucrats-at least not a full off day. The rule book says they have to attend flag hosting at the place they are posted/stationed.



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