CAG finds out why trains get delayed across the country

CAG finds out why trains get delayed across the country

Courtesy : NJ11/08/2018 08:02

In 2017-18, Indian Railways had the worst punctuality performance in three years. 30 per cent trains ran late in 2017-18, according to official data. From April 2017-March 2018, the punctuality of mail and express trains was 71.39 per cent, down from 76.69 per cent in 2016-17, which is a deterioration of 5.30 per cent. When Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) of India looked into the reasons for this delay, it found some serious flaws in government’s Rs 1 lakh crore station redevelopment plans. There isn't enough space for trains on stations which is the main cause of delays, and little is being done to change that.

In a latest report tabled in Parliament on Tuesday, CAG said, “The station development/redevelopment plans mainly address on facilities for the passengers on the station premises and facade of stations only and not on removing constraints and bottlenecks for ensuring timely arrival and departure of trains to/from the stations, which should be one of the most important parameters of the quality of service being provided to the passengers."

 CAG further explains how the unavailability of path (platform/line) for accommodating trains and absence of enough platforms with sufficient length to handle trains with 24 or more coaches are main reasons for delay of trains. According to CAG, another important reason for delays is fewer washing pit lines and stabling lines.

 CAG selected 15 stations in 10 zonal railways falling on the routes with heavy passenger traffic for audit. It analysed one-month data (March 2017) to study how deficient infrastructure leads to detention of trains at adjoining stations, en route and on platforms.

Only 100 platforms out of 164 have the capacity to handle trains with 24 or more coaches, it found.

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