Coaching is the best option of quality Learning

Coaching is the best option of quality Learning

Courtesy : Harsch Kumar Lall 06/09/2018 17:14

    H.K.Lall is an ‘Executive Leadership & Learning Coach’ at ‘NECTAR-The Joy of Learning’. He  has done   extensive  research to understand secrets of learning. In last 15 years he has helped  more than 8000     people to become  successful in their career.  

     "Coaching is the best option of quality Learning, and hiring a     coach is always an   investment" says G.Sairamesh MCC- ICF



Professional Coaching is a thought provoking one-to-one partnership between the coach and the client. Coaching is a creative process where coach asks affirmative questions that inspires clients to maximize their personal and professional potential.

Coaching is used as a tool to develop winning strategies, making desired changes, and for achieving success. Coaching assimilates a responsive and appreciative approach based on what’s right, what’s working, what’s wanted, and what’s needed to get desired outcome.

Anand Sagar, senior L&D Executive and a Coach, says “Coaching is person centric and effective tool of their development. There are five types of professional coaching viz Performance Coaching, Executive/Professional Coaching, Career Coaching, Development Coaching, and Life Coaching.” 

Professional coaching is different than sport, education coaching.

Sport coaches share their superior knowledge and experience to mould behaviour of players and teams whereas 'Professional coaching' focuses on identifying opportunities for development based on individual's strengths and capabilities in challenging as well as good times.

Many ignorant or less informed education, tuition, and training institutes call themselves coaching institutes though they do not practice coaching.

Presently in India, 'Professional Coaching' is growing significantly and fast becoming a trend.

Individuals and companies are hiring coaching services when something urgent, compelling, or exciting is at stake. They engage in coaching to cover knowledge gap, accelerate results, make fruitful decisions, address problems, balance work and life, and/or to identify the core strengths for their advantage and empowerment.

Bhaskar Natrajan-PCC, ex Global Director of ICF, says, "There are approximately 6500 professional coaches in India. Among them only 10% coaches are accredited to some governing body which standardize, develop, and regulate the process of coaching."

"Approximately half the accredited coaches are practicing coaching in India", he says.

The count of coaches is rapidly increasing. Professional coaching culture is only a decade old in India. Bangaluru is the coaching capital while Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Delhi are also harbouring many coaches and witnessing the surge in coaching activities.

India needs significant efforts and time to catch up with the world. Australia has as many coaches as India and USA has 20 times more professional coaches than India.

Coaches are not adviser, consultant, therapist, trainer, or mentor.

Professional coaching believes that clients have all the answers and a coach helps them discover those answers by adopting certain techniques and affirmative coaching approach.

These techniques can be used by any coach but a trained coach can use it more effectively.

At present, India does not have any governing, regulatory, or statuary body to control and monitor the coaching process thus it is not a guarantee that a coach will not play the role of an adviser, consultant, mentor, or will not point towards a direction.

In recent time various types of specialized coaching have evolved. Individuals and organisations have options to choose the appropriate form of coaching as per their specific requirements.

Success rate of a Coaching Engagement is over 90% and more than two third clients repeat the coaching process. Return on Investment of coaching is much higher than training or other support and development system. Ability of questioning is a powerful tool of professional coaching. To unlock values and potential to deliver results in stipulated time with higher success rate professional coaching is preferred by corporate world and individuals.

Business houses are availing coaching for their expansion plans and increased profitability. 'Business Coach' makes them highly accountable and helps them reflect on previous successes and future aspirations.

Established leadership and higher management executives those who wants to appear ready for taking bigger responsibilities in their career seek 'Executive Coaching' to hone their communication and leadership skills.

To define their leadership style and to lead themselves and their team effectively new leaders engage with 'Leadership Coach' who comforts them on driving seat to shape their personal leadership style.

'Career Coach' helps millennial to identify the most suitable and aligned career path and helps them to seek clarity in their goals. Career Coaching creates lasting impacts on organisation's culture and productivity.

'Life Coach' helps their clients to accomplish personal and professional goals by achieving a breakthrough or breaking a barrier. 'Life coach' serves variety of clients and also helps to avoid midlife pitfalls and maintain the work-life balance.

'Students and Youth Coach' helps them to excel in academics and perform well in competitions. Student Coaching aims to increase the awareness of self and surroundings to make them highly successful early in their carrier while significantly reducing the cost of education.

Emotional Intelligence expert Asst. Prof Dr Badri Bajaj says, "Student Coaching is a powerful tool of Mindfulness, and nourishing the talent in 'B' class towns to shape the future leaders of India".

Knowing that how to co-create a trustworthy coaching partnership with most appropriate coach eases the path of success, transform the organisation, and thrive. India is all set to see its first Coaching Revolution in near future.

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Anand Sagar

Good illustration of coaching, various aspects and types of coaching. Coaching is the universal language of learning and change. Best wishes Harsh!!

10/09/2018 20:04

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