Do not follow superstitions for M Karunanidhi's recovery, supporters told

Do not follow superstitions for M Karunanidhi's recovery, supporters told

Courtesy : NJ01/08/2018 09:01

 The news of the deteriorating health of DMK party chief M Karunanidhi has created ripples in the lives of his supporters. A crowd of supporters have gathered near the Kauvery hospital, where the nonagenarian leader is admitted, praying for his recovery.
Some party supporters were seen beating their chests, while a few got their heads shaved to seek divine intervention so their leader gets well soon. The form of prayer of some, however, has caught the attention of the public. There have been reports of DMK members holding prayers for Karunanidhi's better health. Students of the school at Tiruvarur where Karunanidhi had studied held a prayer for the well being of their illustrious alumni.
A DMK member tonsured his head for the leader's betterment — like it is done in some Hindu temples.
 Dravidar Kazhagam president K Veeramani on Monday appealed to DMK cadres to not to indulge in superstitious activities like holding special prayer and breaking pumpkin in front of the Kauvery hospital for the recovery of their leader M Karunanidhi as he was getting well with the help of medicine.
"One can respect Kalaignar (Karunanidhi) only by following his ideology. So I appeal to you not follow any superstition," he said in a statement.
Veeramani heading Dravidar Kazhagam, which was founded by social reformer Periyar, said those who consider Karunanidhi their leader have to respect his beliefs and principles.
Karunanidhi the beloved Thalaivar of the people is also a known atheist. Karunanidhi had once called the ritual of fire walking by a party leader as barbaric and urged other party members not to emulate him.
He has been admitted to Kauvery Hospital here since Saturday due to health issues. He has reportedly been stable since his treatment.
 The DMK was born following a split in the DK but remained ideologically on the same path. 


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