Former PM Manmohan singh attack on PM Modi

Former PM Manmohan singh attack on PM Modi

Courtesy : Agencies09/09/2018 13:35

Former PM Manmohan singh on Friday chargrd the Modi government with failure to fulfill a plethora of promises on various fronts made to the people during the 2014 general elections.

Speaking after launching congress leader Kapil sibla’s book “shades of Truth-A journey Derailed” along with former VP Hamid Ansari, Dr singh accused the Modi government of aggravating the agrarian crises, failure to creat jobs for the youth, hurting the economy by demonetization and killing businesses by hasty implementation of the GST.

He said that much- touted flagship programmes of the BJP-led government like Make in India, Stand up India had failed miserably. He also blamed the Modi Government for deterioration in relations with the neighbouring countries.

“There is need for alternative narrative and the time has come for a national debate on it. Kapil sibal’s well researched book will help adopt this agenda, “he said.

Panelists which includes senior congress leader and former HM P. chindambaram, senior leader sharad yadav, CPM general secretary sitaram yechury and the author argued that 2019 elections will be “Modi vs India.

They said the post of the PM will decided after the elections and it will be a collective decision in a broad based way by the parties in the opposition.

Mr sibal said that number of coaliation government had been able to notch up an impressive GDP growth of 8 per cent and took a number of welfare measures in social sectors like education and health. He blamed that BJP government of whipping up social tensions and indulging in killing of peoples in the name of protecting cows.

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