Government to bring out coffee-table book on PM Modi's foreign trips

Government to bring out coffee-table book on PM Modi's foreign trips

Courtesy : ET24/01/2019 08:46

NEW DELHI: Towards the fag end of its tenure, the government will be coming out with a coffee-table book on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s foreign visits and the “concrete outcomes” of these trips, which have otherwise been criticised by the Opposition for their frequency as well as cost.

 About 1,500 copies of the coffee-table book would be published for distribution among politicians, foreign diplomats and Indian embassies abroad.

It will recount both the PM’s visits abroad and the outcomes of the incoming visits of heads of state during Modi’s tenure.

“This publication will focus on India’s multi-pronged diplomatic outreach since May 2014 and the transformative impact and the concrete outcomes flowing out of the visits which have enabled India to shape the global agenda,” as per the government’s proposal.

 In an answer to Parliament last month, the government said Modi had made 48 trips abroad as PM and the cost of which was Rs 2,022 crore.

The cost of chartered aircraft for the trips was Rs 429 crore while that accrued towards aircraft maintenance and cost of hotlines operated abroad was Rs 1,592 crore.

 The government said in Parliament that India had received foreign direct investment (FDI) of $60.08 billion in 2017, up by almost 67% in a span of three years from 2014.

“It may be noted that the following countries visited by the Prime Minister between 2014 and 2018 now figure among the top 10 countries from where India has received the maximum FDI inflows,” the government had said.

 These countries were Singapore, Japan, the Netherlands, the US, the UK, Germany, the UAE, China, France and South Korea.

“The cumulative FDI inflows between 2014 and June 2018 stood at $136,077.75 million, compared to $81,843.71 million recorded cumulatively for the years between 2011 and 2014,” the government had said.

In the proposed coffee-table book, the government plans to showcase each foreign visit made by PM Modi and list its specific outcomes in ten points, including the key agreements signed and progress made in diplomatic relations.

 Manmohan Singh as Prime Minister had made 38 trips abroad during UPA-2 at a total cost of Rs 1,346 crore, including Rs 493 crore on the cost of the chartered flights and Rs 853 crore on aircraft maintenance and hotline, as per the government’s reply to Parliament last month.

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