I can be CM in a minute, but not keen to pursue that path: BJP MP Hema Malini

I can be CM in a minute, but not keen to pursue that path: BJP MP Hema Malini

Courtesy : PTI28/07/2018 07:45

BJP MP and actor Hema Malini recently announced that she could become ‘chief minister in a minute’, but wasn’t keen to pursue that path, as she would be ‘tied up’.“I am not too keen. If I want to I can become that in a minute, but I don’t like to be tied up. My freedom of movement will end,” said Malini while interacting with media in Rajasthan’s Banswara city.She also admitted that she is an MP because of her film career. “I am known mainly because of my name in Bollywood, call it ‘dream girl’ or Hema Malini,” she said.
 The apparent reference was to the post in Uttar Pradesh, now held by her party's Yogi Adityanath.
She said she had done a lot of work for the Bharatiya Janata Party even before entering Parliament.She added that she had done a lot of work in her constituency as an MP during the last four years, referring in particular to the state of the roads.Calling her Mathura constituency as the 'nagri' of Krishna, she said she loved working for the 'Brijwasi' people.
She called the water crisis a global issue which should be the concern of every stakeholder. The MP praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi, saying he has worked for farmers, women and the poor, and the country had progressed under his leadership.It is difficult to find a prime minister like him. Leaders of other parties may say anything but we need to see who has done more work for the country, she said.
 Hema Malini, who is a Padma Shri winner and Bharatanatyam dancer, was in Banswara to perform at a religious function. 


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