In Mamta Raj, Bengal has seen scam after scam: Amit Shah

In Mamta Raj, Bengal has seen scam after scam: Amit Shah

Courtesy : NJ13/08/2018 08:47

BJP president on Saturday attacked WB CM Mamta Banerjee for opposing the National Register of Citizen and accused her for compromising the interests of Indians in Assam and WB for her vote bank politics.

Reacting to Banerjee’s criticism on the NRC draft,the BJP chief during a public rally in Kolkata also accused Banerjee of protecting illegal immigrants.

“Should Bangladeshi immigrants not be thrown out of the country? We want to ask Mamta Banerjee why is she protecting Bangladeshi infiltrators?

Amit shah also dragged congress President Rahul Gandhi into the controversy. “Rahul is also not clarifying his stand on the issue.This is because of congress’ vote-bank politics.’’ Shah added that both Rahul and Mamta can not stop BJP from doing it”

Steeping up political attack on Trinamool congress, shah accused the party of promoting corruption in west Bangal. “corruption is flourishing in the state since the party came to power.

Even Banerjee become the CM of the state, west Bangal has seen scam after scam,he added and cited the example of Narda scam and sharda chitfund scam to ascertain his claim.He asserted that the state is going to witness a change and BJP is going to uproot TMC.

Shah,who addressed the rally at Mayo Road in the city today,critised the ruling TMC for blacking out news channels which coverted his programme.”You can blackout channels,but our BJP workers will carry my message to every corner of the state,’’he said at the rally.

Addressing a well-attended public rally here,the BJP chief begain his speech with the slogan of uprooting the TMC government from Bangal and said in order to do that,he would visit all the district of the state.

He said the people of Bengal had given a chance to the congress,the communist and the TMC,but “they failed to usher in development. Give a chance to the BJP under Modi. We will bring in development.

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