In flood-ravaged Kerala, RSS supporters face CPM cadres' wrath

In flood-ravaged Kerala, RSS supporters face CPM cadres' wrath

Courtesy : The Nationalist26/08/2018 17:12

New Delhi: Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), has once again showcased its resolve to stand with people in times of needs by participating in the relief work in flood-ravaged Kerala. More than 12,000 swayamsevaks, for the last 15 days, have been tirelessly working to help flood victims. RSS workers from all over Kerala have been participating, along with the Indian Army, to provide rescue material to all 14 districts of the southern state.
However, CPM cadres have reportedly tried to keep relief material from reaching BJP and RSS workers' families. 

When The Nationalist contacted a CPM leader, he said: “There is no instructions from us... but if something like that has happened in some areas, then what is wrong in that? The suffering families should get some lesson for their political affiliations."
The Nationalist News has found that families of supporters of saffron outfits  have been barred from receiving relief  material in CPM-dominant areas. Sources said it was the new tool adopted by the left party workers to "teach a lesson" to RSS sympathisers. 
According to sources, the ground-level intelligence network of the CPM first identify workers affiliated to the saffron outfits. They then mount pressure on local administrative bodies to not let help reach out to the families of RSS and BJP supporters.
One of the CPM leaders told The Nationalist: “We are watching very carefully RSS activities in flood-affected areas... They want to gain sympathy  of people of Kerala out of this crises situation, but we will not allow them to take political advantage out of it. In our party village, if anybody is found to be supporting or sympathising with the opposition parties, they will be socially boycotted."
When contacted, RSS pracharak in Kerala said: “We are busy with our team to help flood-hit Kerala people. No CPM cadre is on ground to help people in such a crisis situation. They are just busy in hate speeches. We are not bothering them. Even Kerala residents have now seen the true colour of CPM. We will make sure each and every person in Kerala get basic amenities in such crisis situation. We are all together."

The RSS pracharak added: “We have been identifying the worst-hit districts and sending not only additional teams but also food and other relief material in those areas. We are focusing on worst affected areas and contributing our 100 per cent. Swayamsevaks have been working in flood-hit areas round the clock. Some groups of swayamsevaks are providing medicine and health care to needy, while some are providing food and shelter. School run by RSS is open for shelter and a team of doctors associated with thr RSS is providing medical check-up 24 hours in flood hit area’’. The RSS urged countryman to extend all possible help to the flood-hit people of kerala, saying the southern state was  on the verge of a catastrope.


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23/08/2018 15:09

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