India’s population will be more than China by 2050

India’s population will be more than China by 2050

Courtesy : Agencies24/08/2018 09:19

It is not good news for india. A  data release by population reference bureau, claim By mid-2030 India’s population will likely be 8% more than that of china, and by mid-2050 this lead will become 25%.The report show that, at the moment, the Indian and chines population are estimated to be 1.37 and 1.39 billon respectively. While India’s population is expected to reach 1.53 and 1.68 billion respectively by mid-2030 and mid-2050. China’s is likelt to reach 1.42 billion by mid-2030 and fall to 1.34 billion by mid-2050.

That India will replace china as the world’s most population country does not mean that its demographic transition is not happening.  Demographic transition is the process in which a country’s death rates and birth rates decline with economic development. Because death rates start declining earlier than birth rates,there is an initial phase of rapid increade in population.

According to PRB  estimates, the compound annual growth rate of India’s population between mid 2018 to mid 2030 is likely to be 0.93%, and come down to 0.46% between 2030 and 2050. China’s population will have a CARG of -0.27% during this time. It is that demographic transition that will lead to a decline in India’a share in both the world’s and south Asia’s population in mid-2030 and mid-2050 compared to what it is now.

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