Lok Sabha witnesses 118% productivity in Monsoon session

Lok Sabha witnesses 118% productivity in Monsoon session

Courtesy : NJ12/08/2018 08:56

Both Houses of the Parliament have significant improved their performance in the monsoon session which came to an end of Friday.

The Rajya sabha closed 68% per ent productiveity during the 17 sittings of the session which sat for more than 67 hours and passed 14 Bills.

The loksabha proceedings during the Monsoon session also make it one of the most productive session of this government. The session saw the first no confidence motion being taken up against the Modi cabinet.The motion passed by TDP, which wasdiscussed for over 11 hours and 41 minutes by 51 members,was defeated with 135 Ayes and 330 noes.

Lok Sabha speaker sumitra Mahajan,while applauding the House,said that of the 22 bills government introduced were passed. “I have several times laid stress on smooth conduct of thr House which is essential to maintain the credibility of parliament. The House lost 8 Hours and 26 minutes due to disruptions,but the members sat for 20 hours and 43 minutes beyond the scheduled time “said Mahajan.

With 17 sittings, the Lower house held business for 112 hours, which was 110 per cent of its scheduled time. The average productivity of the house this session was 86 per cent. Which was the highest for the 16th Lok sabha. The question Hour was also one of the most productive which saw 84 per cent of its scheduled time taken up.

The upper House took up 270 starred questions and 2879 unstarred questions during the session. Of course,91 starred questions were orally answered. There was almost no disruption during the question hours and the Zero hours barring the exception of a day when proceeding were disrupted in protest over final draft to National Register for Citizen.

There were 61 special Mentions on Matters of public importance which were made on laid during the session. The Rajya Sabha chairman also allowed about 120 matters to be eaised.

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