Manohar Parrikar again goback US today for treatment

Manohar Parrikar again goback US today for treatment

Courtesy : Goa Bureau30/08/2018 08:54

Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar, who has been suffering from a pancreatic ailment, is set to be flown to the US again tonight for treatment.

Parrikar had been in the US for three months earlier this year for treatment, and had returned in June. He revisited the US for a follow-up earlier this month.

Upon his return from the US on August 22, Parrikar suffered from indigestion resulting in vomiting. He was then rushed to Lilavati hospital, where he is still admitted.On August 27, Goa Chief Minister's Office sent a two-line message about Parrikar returning to Goa from Mumbai. According to that message, Parikar was supposed to return today (August 29).

Doctors at the Lilavati hospital, however, advised him to be taken to the US again for treatment. He is to be admitted to a New York-based hospital.

Parrikar is expected to be back in Goa next week.Goa cabinet minister Rohan Khaunte has confirmed that the CMO has intimated cabinet ministers about Parrikar's medical trip to the US.

This would be Parrikar's third US this year.Goa cabinet minister Vijai Sardesai the absense of Parrikar, who is holding many key portfolios, has already impacted the state administration.

"The absence of Chief Minister Manohar Parikar from the state has impacted the government functioning. When CM is not there,it will have an impact on state administration," said Sardesai.

Apart from Parrikar, two other top ministers in the Goa government are facing health issues and out of state for medical reasons. Urban Development Minister Francis D'Souza and Power Minister Pandurang Madkaikar are in the USA and Mumbai, respectively, for treatment.


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