Mumbai to Goa: you can take a 15-hour luxury cruise from October 11

Mumbai to Goa: you can take a 15-hour luxury cruise from October 11

Courtesy : Nationalist Bureau24/09/2018 08:58

 From October 11, you can take a 15-hour luxury cruise to Goa from Mumbai. On Friday, the Mumbai Port Trust (MbPT) revealed details of the cruise that will sail from Mumbai’s Princess Dock to one of India’s favourite holiday destinations, a plan that has been on the cards for a while now.

The service will be operated by a private firm, Sea Eagles Cruise, along with the MbPT. While the operator has not formally announced ticket rates, a one-way trip is likely to start at Rs 7,000, and would include a snack, a meal and brunch. In comparison, a full-fare flight (meals included) from Mumbai to Goa on the same day costs around Rs 2,500.

“The commercial operations of the Mumbai-Goa cruise will start from October 11 from our domestic cruise terminal at Princess Dock,” said Sanjay Bhatia, the MbPT chairman.

Bhatia said the cruise will set sail at 5pm from Mumbai, and reach Goa around 9am the next day.

Called ‘Angriya’, the ship is named after the first Maratha Navy Admiral Kanhoji Angre and the Angria bank coral reef near the state’s Vijaydurg. It can carry 400 passengers and will be operated every alternate day from both locations, Bhatia said. facilities on board include multiple restaurants, 24-hour coffee shops, a lounge and discotheque, an infinity pool, and spa. Angriya has 104 cabins across categories.

The service is part of the government’s plan to boost cruise tourism in India. Several proposals have been floated to link Mumbai by sea to other tourist destinations in India and southeast Asia. The Union shipping ministry has also planned to upgrade infrastructure at key Indian ports such as Mumbai, Goa and Kerala.

“Cruise tourism is a booming industry, with many international cruises coming to Mumbai,” said a senior MbPT official. “It is only expected to grow further, so we are upgrading our infrastructure and encouraging private players in India to start cruises as it is also an employment generator,” the official said.

The Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation along with MbPT, and an Italian cruise liner called Costa Cruises, has already started short cruises between Mumbai and Cochin, and Cochin and Maldives in 2017.


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