Mumbai's Arthur Road Jail, Barrack 12 is ready to welcome Mallya

Mumbai's Arthur Road Jail, Barrack 12  is ready to welcome Mallya

Courtesy : Mumbai Bureau26/08/2018 17:11

Mumbai Bureau/ The UK court that is hearing the Indian government's plea to extradite liquor baron Vijay Mallya had earlier asked for a video of the jail where Mallya would be held. In response, the Indian government has submitted a video of Barrack 12 in Mumbai's Arthur Road Jail before the UK court.

The video is said to prove that the cell intended for Mallya has natural light, is equipped with television set, personal toilet, washing area and bedding. The video also shows that prisoners of this barrack can access to the courtyard during the day time.

The v ideo was requested as evidence after Mallyas lawyer complained before the UK court that Barrack 12 of the Arthur Road Jail has no natural light.

According to Maharashtra prision department sources, Barrack 12 is a ground-plus-one structure with eight cells on each floor. Each cell has a separate toilet (some Indian and some western), washing area and a courtyard. The prisons who are lodged in Barrack 12 are also given mattresses, pillows, bedsheets and melamine utensil.

Barrack 12 has CCTV cameras installed and is guarded 24x7 as it usually holds high profile inmates. Inmates of this barrack are served four meals a day, as decided by the jail food committee.

The UK court will be hearing Mallya's extradition case next on September 12.

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