NSA Ajit Doval Says India needed Strong Government For Next 10 Years in National Interest

NSA Ajit Doval Says India needed  Strong Government For Next 10 Years in National Interest

Courtesy : Nationalist Team27/10/2018 09:02

 New Delhi, October 25: National Security Advisor Ajit Doval on Thursday stressed on the importance to elect a "strong government" in the next general elections. Only a stable government, Doval said, could safeguard the national interests of the nation, whereas, a "weak coalition will  be bad for India".

Doval, who is considered the most powerful bureaucrat in the Narendra Modi government, said the geopolitical situation requires India to adopt a clear policy to combat internal and external threats.

 "India cannot afford to be a soft power for the next few years because it will be compelled to take hard decisions," the NSA said, while addressing the Sardar Patel memorial lecture in the national capital.

Doval also warned against groups creating social animosity and internal tensions, adding that India needs to be united to emerge as a developed nation.

On the economic front, he vouched for a greater impetus on the private sector, crediting them for boosting the strategic interests of a nation.

"See how China's Alibaba and others have become big companies, how much Chinese govt has supported them. We want the Indian private sector companies should perform and promote Indian strategic interests," Doval said.

On arms procurement, Doval claimed that in the years to come India would not be dependent on the first-world nations for defence imports. "All defence hardware must be 100% transfer of technology. This is the policy of the new government," he said, further praising the 'Make in India' programme of Prime Minister Modi.

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