Naxalities decided to build a new battlefield in MP, MH and CG with new guerrilla Zone

Naxalities  decided to build a new battlefield in MP, MH and CG  with new guerrilla Zone

Courtesy : Agencies07/09/2018 09:21

Fearing anti-Naxal operations, top Naxal commanders have decided to build a new battlefield in Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Chattisgarh (MMC) tri-junction border with an aim to create a new guerrilla zone.

According to an intelligence report Naxal's sinister plan is to target security forces. As per the report, Naxals also discussed the need to expand their battle zone towards the north and then east to create a corridor between Balaghat-Rajnandgaon-Kabirdham-Gondia with their old battle zones of Odisha and Jharkhand.

 The decision of expansion of Naxal activities on a larger scale in MMC area was taken long ago and now their one division have found recently active in bordering area of Balaghat (MP), Rajndandaon (Chattisgarh) and Gondia (Maharashtra) districts. Naxals are planning to target Security Forces and plans to disrupt developmental activities.

Report says the movement pattern of Naxal cadres suggests that they are planning to launch offensive actions against Security forces in Chattisgarh, Maharshtra and Odisha. Senior members of Area Committee of naxals instructed its Small Action Teams to identify and kill SPOs and Intelligence staffs of Security Forces and Police Informers.

As per the report, Maoists are opposed to government sponsored  development activities. Maoists commanders active in Sukma district of Chattisgarh held a meeting with the villagers and were contemplating to destroy the power plant situated at village Penta.

They had also urged the villagers to help naxals in ceasing the road construction activities and cause a damage to vehicles, machines and government properties in the area.

The new red corridor expansion plan received a tremendous jolt when top Maoist Pahad singh known as Secretary Balaghat –Rajnandgaon - Gondia division surrendered to the police officer. His resignation is detrimental to the effort of CPI Maoist of Vistaar area. He was logistic support of Vistaar committee

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