PM Modi in Himachal today to take part in the celebrations of state government one year

PM Modi in Himachal today to take part in the celebrations of state government one year

Courtesy : Nationalist Bureau27/12/2018 16:09

Shimla: Prime Minister Narendra Modi will visit the state of Himachal Pradesh on Thursday to take part in the celebrations as the state government here completes one year. The BJP has listed out work done and the achievements of the Jai Ram Thakur-led government here.

PM Modi is scheduled to address a public rally in Dharamshala and will also interact with people who have benefited from state government schemes.

He is also expected to release a document which highlights the achievements of the BJP government here.

 The state government under BJP has been busy highlighting its achievements in the past one year even as the Congress has accused the party of 'zero performance.' The party has said that Thakur has ensured a corruption-free government although the Congress has trained its guns on the BJP for organising Thursday's mega rally.

BJP spokesperson Randhir Sharma, however, has said that Congress has lost moral rights to complain because the law and order under the previous state government - under Virbhadra Singh - was in the doldrums.

According to Sharma, Congress leaders are using baseless remarks to attack the work done in the last one year.

The BJP had decimated Congress in the 2017 state elections - winning 44 seats in the 68-member Assembly.PM Modi had been a key figure during the campaigning and had said that the results were a win for vikas.

In its manifesto, the party has made a number of promises including safety for women, control of law and order situation and free pilgrimage for senior citizens.

The manifesto had been released by Arun Jaitley.

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