PM Modi wrote letter to Imran,suggest talks should resume

PM Modi wrote letter to Imran,suggest talks should resume

Courtesy : Bureau21/08/2018 23:00

 New Delhi/ Pakistan Foreign Minister shah qureshi on Monday claimed that PM of India Modi wrote a letter to Imran khan and suggest him that both countries shouls resume talks. FM of Pakistan said “India and Pakistan have to move forward keeping realities before them. Stating that there is a need for continued and uninterrupted dialogue with India, he said “we are neighbours and both the countries have long standing issues. Both countries know the problems. But we have no other option but to engage in dialogue. Both countries cannot afford adventurism.”

Qureshi also said that the issue are complicated and two countries may faced hurdles in resolving them, he added,”we must engage. We will have to admit that we are facing problems, we must admit that Kashmir is a reality. The Islamabad declaration is a part of our history.”

In his an-hour-long maiden address to the nation a day  after his swearing in as the country’s 22nd PM, Khan said that the country will enter into talks with all neighbours to normalize ties, as without it peace can’t be brought in the country.


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