PM should come up with statement for poor econ situation:congress

PM should come up with statement for poor econ situation:congress

Courtesy : Agencies10/09/2018 08:26

New Daelhi, sep 7- Expressing concern over the skyrocketing prices of petrol and diesel and the falling value of Indian Rupee against the US Doller, the congress on Friday said that prime Minister Modi should tell the country about the reason for the deteriorating economy situation, the sharp rise in petroleum prices and the fall in the value of the rupee.

Talking to reporters here, AICC spokesperson RPN singh said ‘when rupee was at rs 60 a dollar during the UPA rule, Mr Modi, who was then the Gujrat CM, had said that rupee is in hospital.Now, under the rule of NDA, the price of petrol and LPG prices has hit the highest in 70 years.Also, the Rupee has witnessed a sharp fall against the US Dollar.

If at 60 Rupees to a dollar, the rupee had reached the hospital where has it reached today.Today when the oil prices are hitting the roof and the rupee is at an all time low, there is no statement from PM.

He termed as a ‘Jumla’, petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan’s statement that the high prices of petrol are because the previous government did not pay Iran for Oil and the present government had to make payment.

“Everyone know that the US sanction were in place when we wrer buying oil from Iran. That Money was not paid till 2016 wherease the NDA government is in Power since 2014.

Rs 43000 cr was the pending payment to Iraq, the NDA government has fleeced people of Rs 11 lakh crore by way of excise duties. Today there has been 211 per cent hike in  excise duty on petrol while there has been a 450 per cent hike on excise duty on diesel, the fuel used by farmers,’he said.

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