PM?Narendra Modi asks people to give ideas for his Independence Day speech

PM?Narendra Modi asks people to give ideas for his Independence Day speech

Courtesy : NJ01/08/2018 09:02

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday asked citizens for their ideas and suggestions for his speech on Independence Day at the Red Fort in Delhi, a practice he has followed since the last few years.
“Share them with me on a specially created forum on the Narendra Modi App. You can also share them on MyGov.,” the Prime Minister tweeted.
“I look forward to receiving your fruitful inputs in the coming days,” he added.
People have already started suggesting the Prime Minister the issues he should address in his speech. Some wanted him to speak about the growing incidents of sexual assault and harassment of girls and women and others said they would like him to talk about reservation, caste, fake news among other things. 
“ on the problems faced by comMon man in GST,the late filing fees ,penalty,malfunctioning of GST site and common man being penalised.Also changes you propose to the system of filing returns ,Late filing occurs due to payment offline thru other banks and then requirement of filing.instead why not make it simple,amount of tax calculated and paid be treated as return filed (sic),” Satyanarayan Subramaniam wrote on the open forum on MyGov.
Modi had invited people to share their suggestions last year through a video on Twitter and assured them of reading all of them and talking about most. 

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