Parliament’s monsoon session passes 5 major bills

Parliament’s monsoon session passes 5 major bills

Courtesy : NJ09/08/2018 12:20

Having dispensed with a no-confidence motion at the start of the session,the government’s party floor managers have managed to run the monsoon session of parliament successfully as several key legislations have been passed with both Houses being equally productive. Since the current session began on july 18, both the Houses passed five major bills and passed the bill to grant the National commission for Backward classes status of a constitutional authority and a bill to restore automatic arrest for cases under the SC/ST Act. The NCBC bill has been languishing in Rajyasabha.

There has been one day of adjournment in Rajya sabha when opposition parties protest over BJP president Amit shah’s remark on the National Register of citizen on july 31.Productivity of the current session is in contrast to the preceding budget session-which was a virtual wasout as Lok sabha productivity was 4% and Rajya sabha 8%

Acceptance of the no-confidence motion was key to the session functioning smoothly while negotiations with opposition parties helped,government managers said. The government decided to avoid a logjam after the budget session which was the least productive in the past 15 years.

Smooth functuning of parliament is remarkable for many reason as it has happened despite the combined opposition’s bid to corner the government over several issues like lynching by cow vigilantes, unemployment, political instability in Jammu and Kashmir, allegad dilution of the SC/ST Act by the SC and dilution of reservation in autonomous institutions like IITs.


The state bank{repal and amendment bill]

Requisition and acquisition of immovable property

The specific relief.ammendment

The fugitive economic offenders

The Negotiable instrument amendment

Bill passed in lok sabha-12

Bill pass in Rajya sabha- 6

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