RSS's swayamsevaks actively participating in the victims' rescue in kerala flood

RSS's swayamsevaks actively participating in the victims' rescue in kerala flood

Courtesy : KERALA BUREAU21/08/2018 08:30

Rashtriya swayamsevak sangh knows for their social work in India, One’s again prove that Sangh always their when people of india in any problems. For the last 12 days around 12,000 swayamsevaks of the RSS have been coming to the aid of flood victims of kerala. The swayamsevaks from all over the kerala actively involved and participating in the rescue efforts with soldiers of the India Army in all 14 districts of kerala. Some of the RSS swayamsevaks injured during the rescue operation.but they continue their Nobel cause for the society. One of the RSS worker drowned in one of the inundated areas in palakkad, while he was trying to help some stranded people.

Rashtriya swayamsevak sangh’s pracharak from kerala told The Nationalist that “ we make proper plan and preparations in place so we can serve better and effectively. RSS Monitoring team identifying the worst-hit district and sending not only additional team but also sending food to the peoples. We are focusing most flood hit areas and contributing our 100% efforts. RSS swayamsevak working flood hit area day and night. Some group of RSS swayamsevaks providing medicine and health care to effected peoples, some group providing food and shelter. School run by RSS is open for shelter and a team of doctors associated with RSS providing medical check-up 24 hours in flood- hit area.

Vanvasi kalian ashram, seva bharti and some more organisation affiliated with RSS providing all possible help to the Flood-hit area’s.

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