SC refuse re-election for West Bengal local body seats.

SC refuse re-election for West Bengal local body seats.

Courtesy : Legal correspondent25/08/2018 08:41

Supreme court decision come as a big relief for west Bengal CM Mamta Banerjee. Today supreme court refuse for re- election for around 20 thousnad local body seats in Bengal that were won uncontested by CM Mamta Bane’jee's party in May. The Trinamool congress bagged 20,178 panchyat seats without contest, which lead the opposition allegations of violence and terror tactics by Bengal’s ruling party.

The opposition has alleged that no one could file nominations to contest those seats because of the Trinamool congress’s bullying.

 “Keeping in view of the seriousness of allegations of the nominations being stopped, supreme court allows individuals to take legal recourse,” the Judge said.

A re-poll have been hugely embarrassing for the Mamata Banerjee government. A special leave petition was filed by the Bengal’s state election commission in May. Opposition parties including the CPM, BJP and congress, had gone to Calcutta High court in the run-up to the panchayat polls, pleading that their candidates could not file nominations because of alleged violence by the Trinamool.

There were cases of alleged Trinamool workers holding motorcycle rallies with swords in their hands outside nominations filing centres on nomination day, scaring aspirants away. The Calcutta High court ordered the state Election commission to accept electronically filed nomination papers.But The state election commission challenged that in supreme court. In supreme court, CPM raised the issue of uncontested wins.BJP did too. The supreme court expressed shock at the huge number of seats, 34-35 per cent, that had been won by Trinamool without contest.

It put an interim stay not only on electronic nomination filling but also on the publication of results of the uncontested seats.

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