Sangh pramukh Bhagwat explains RSS vision, talks about ‘Future of Bharat’

Sangh pramukh Bhagwat explains RSS vision, talks about ‘Future of Bharat’

Courtesy : Bureau19/09/2018 07:56

 Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) chief Mohan Bhagwat on Tuesday launched a three-day outreach by introducing his organisation as “unique, incomparable,” and saying that the effort was to “share the idea of RSS with everyone.”

Speaking to a star-studded audience at Delhi’s Vigyan Bhawan that included religious leaders, film stars, sportspersons, industrialists and even envoys from different countries, the RSS chief said he was “here to present facts...not convince people.”

He shared details from the life of Dr KB Hegdewar, the founder of the RSS, saying, “To understand Sangh it is necessary to know about Sangh founder Dr (Keshav Baliram) Hedgewar.”

Amid buzz that the RSS reached out to opposition leaders too, the Congress said its president Rahul Gandhi was not invited. Left party CPI-M too said that no invitation was received by its general secretary Sitaram Yechury.

The programme is called “Future of Bharat: An RSS Perspective.” Bhagwat will speak on all three days, presenting the Sangh’s view on various contemporary issues of national importance, the RSS has said. He will also interact with the audience.

The event follows Bhagwat’s address at a recent second World Hindu Congress in Chicago where the RSS chief urged Hindus to unite. The lectures - the programme “Future of Bharat: An RSS Perspective” will start from 5.30 pm.

Sangh leaders explained why the RSS, founded in 1925 and the ideological mentor of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), made an unprecedented move to invite so many people from outside the organisation.

“The RSS is being criticised by one and all, especially by the opposition,” an RSS spokesman told news agency IANS, adding, “This event is to present our view, how we see the issues which the opposition has been using to target us and the government.”

RSS chief spokesperson Arun Kumar said, “Today, Bharat (India) is moving ahead towards regaining her special and unique position in the world. The RSS is realising that there is a growing eagerness amongst larger sections of the society including the intellectuals and the youth to know and understand the RSS perspective on various issues,”

The focus will be on presenting Hindutva as “an encompassing” idea that does not differentiate on the basis of religion or caste, said one RSS functionary, not wishing to be named. “The RSS wants to shift the focus from the political definition of Hindutva to a more philosophical one. The RSS is not anti-anyone or anything,” he said.

Bhagwat’s comments about Hindutva have in the past fuelled controversy.

In 2017, the Opposition parsed his statement that “Hindustan (India) is a Hindu nation... Hindutva is the identity of our nation... (Hinduism) that can incorporate others (religions) in itself.” Although the RSS immediately clarified that the Hindutva which Bhagwat referred to did not mean ‘Hinduism’ but ‘Hindu-ness’, the comment gave the Opposition ammunition to dub the RSS divisive.

The RSS’ outreach will see the organisation follow up the lecture series with more meetings across the country with individuals drawn from a cross-section of society.

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