Shah fails to mend fences with Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh

Shah fails to mend fences with Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh

Courtesy : NJ17/07/2018 23:32

Even the BJP national president Amit Shah’s persistent efforts to mend fences with RSS leadership in the state have failed as senior Sangh leaders refused to buy his explanations for the removal of Kummanam Rajasekharan from the BJP state president’s post, unbeknownst to RSS in Kerala. RSS leaders, including state chief P Gopalankutty, held a late night closed meeting with Shah here on Tuesday after the latter insisted that he wanted to meet the sangh leaders before announcing a new president for BJP in state. The sangh had been arguing that Rajasekharan being an RSS pracharak, BJP had no right to remove him from the post abruptly and appoint him as governor of Mizoram, without the consent of RSS. “If BJP felt that Rajasekharan’s service was no more needed, the party should have informed the same to RSS. The appointment of an RSS pracharak as governor by keeping the Sangh in the dark was against the practice. This was conveyed to Amit Shah-,”sources close to the developments said. According to sources, Shah did not give any convincing reply to the RSS leaders. But only said that the decisions were taken based on the feedback the central leadership had been receiving.

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