Survey finds 9400 children killed during commute in 2017

Survey finds 9400 children killed during commute in 2017

Courtesy : Agencies14/01/2019 08:00

NEW DELHI: Child safety on the road continues to be a challenge in the country, with over 9,400 children killed during commute in 2017.

In a survey conducted by SaveLife Foundation, 91.4 per cent of respondents felt that there is a dire need for a strong child road safety law to prevent such fatalities.

With the rising number of fatalities on roads a major cause for concern, the NGO examined two aspects of road transport in the country — the use of rear seat belts and safety of children during commute.

Despite there being a law in force with regard to the use of seat belts, the implementation of the same remains a challenge due to the lack of awareness and robust and strict enforcement by authorities concerned.

In 2017, the deaths of 26,896 people in road accidents in the country were blamed on non-usage of seat belts.

The figure marked a sharp rise from 5,638 people who died due to non-use of seat-belts in 2016. The 377% increase in such fatalities implies underreporting of deaths caused because of non-usage of seatbelts till now, says the survey report.

In 2017, 16,876 passengers were killed, and 61,942 were injured due to non-use of seat-belts, according to government data. During the survey, 36% of children said their parents ask them to wear a seat-belt and around 28% said that their parents followed traffic rules strictly.


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