Tata attends RSS event at Mumbai

Tata attends RSS event at Mumbai

Courtesy : Mumbai Bureau26/08/2018 17:11

After Pranab Mukherjee, industrialist Ratan Tata shared the stage with RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat on Friday in Mumbai. 
However, he excused himself from giving a speech. Tata was seen attending the event marking completion of 50 years by an RSS-affiliated NGO Nana Palkar Smruti Samiti in Mumbai. 
Nana Palkar Smruti Samiti is dedicated to serving patients and has a 10-storied premise near the Tata Cancer hospital in Mumbai.

Mohan Bhagwat who spoke at the event praised Ratan Tata’s work of welfare in society.

 “It was very difficult to get time from Ratan Tata. Others were busy but we wanted to invite him because he reminds us of the old ethics and values in business, doing good for the society.”

Last year also Ratan TaTa met RSS chief at Nagpur RSS headquarter. Tata called it was Courtesy meeting.

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