Tripura Govt Will Distribute Cows 'to Ensure Earnings of 5000 Families': Tripura CM

Tripura Govt Will Distribute Cows 'to Ensure Earnings of 5000 Families': Tripura CM

Courtesy : Nationalist Bureau06/11/2018 09:22

 Agartala, November 5: Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Deb, who once advised youths to milk cows instead of striving for government jobs, on Sunday said the state government will launch a scheme under which it will distribute cows to 5000 families to ensure their earnings. Biplab Deb also said he will domesticate cows at his residence along with his family and consume its milk.

"We are about to launch a scheme for distributing cows among 5,000 families. I am not against setting big industries but in that one has to invest Rs 10,000 crores (Rs 100 billion) for employing 2,000 people, but if I give 10,000 cows to 5,000 families they will start earning in six months,"

Deb said, as reported by news agency ANI. He also said the domestication of cows will curb malnutrition

 "Today I am announcing that I will start domestication of cows at the Chief Minister's residence along with my family and will consume its milk. This will also inspire people of Tripura to do the same and would help fight malnutrition," the chief minister added. Deb has a reputation of being in the news through his controversial statements. 

In April, Deb had made headlines when he advised the youths of Tripura to not to waste their crucial time and, instead, milk cows for livelihood. He had also suggested the youth of the state, especially the educated section, not to run behind politicians for government jobs, instead become self-employed.

He had left many stunned when he claimed that the internet and satellite were not something new but existed since the Mahabharata era, and continued to stand by his claim. The BJP leader earlier said rearing ducks in a lake "automatically" increases oxygen levels in the water body.

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