With less than 7 days to go, 10.25 lakh NRC claims filed in Assam

With less than 7 days to go, 10.25 lakh NRC claims filed in Assam

Courtesy : Nationalist Bureau14/12/2018 07:26

Guwahati: National Register of Citizens (NRC) authorities in Assam have received claims from 10.25 lakh people of the state with just less than a week left for filing claims and objections over the list. The number of objections received is way less at 233.

The deadline for filing claims and objections is December 15. The process of claims allows those who left out of the initial draft another chance to get their names registered. Those who want to challenge the presence of someone’s name in the draft can file objections. 

The final draft NRC list was published on July 30 in which names of 2.89 crore of the 3.29 crore people were included. The names of 40,70,707 people did not figure in the list leading to an uproar.

Of these, 37,59,630 names have been rejected and the remaining 2,48,077 are on hold.

A large number of people, who have settled in Assam after arriving here from different states of India, claimed that their names did not figure in the draft NRC as their documents were not verified in time by the respective states.

Authorities had sent as many as 5,72,809 documents to various states and 403 documents to 37 countries for verification.

The Supreme Court had sought views of various stakeholders on the draft Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) drawn up by the Centre to deal with claims and objections.

The SOP stated that citizens who originate from other states in India, and do not have any origin in the Specified Territory (Bangladesh) and have moved to Assam prior to March 24, 1971, or after, will be included in the NRC if the citizenship of such people is ascertained beyond reasonable doubt.

The NRC authorities are expecting a rush for filing of claims and objections in the coming days, a person dealing with the process said.

“We will ensure that genuine Indians’ names are there. However, the system is such that those who do not have anything to prove will not file claims for they know they will be caught,” he said.

Soon after the publication of the draft NRC, several politicians had alleged that names of illegal immigrants had made it to the list.

Assam, which had faced an influx of people from Bangladesh since the early 20th century, is the only state having an NRC which was first prepared in 1951.


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